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I2M18467(1) GNU Info I2M18467(1)


Built-in iSight firmware export

ift-export export a Built-in iSight firmware produced by ift-extract and convert it to Intel HEX file. Note that Apple Built-in iSight seems to have extende on-chip memory. This case is not handled by fxload and thus, not allowing to load the Intel HEX file into the chip. Use ift-load to load directly the binary firmware on-chip.

* Menu:

Command line options: see "Options"

See also "Copying"

1 Command line options

`-i' `--input-firmware' Driver filename to export to Intel HEX file.

`-o' `--output' The output Intel HEX filename.

`-?' `--help' Shows option help and quit.

2 Copying

isight-firmware-tools is a project developped by A~Xtienne Bersac based on the work of Ronald S. Bultje, Johannes Berg and Ivan N. Zlatev.

This manual has been written by A~Xtienne Bersac.

Copyright (C) 2007 A~Xtienne Bersac

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