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vboxgetty.conf(5) Linux System Administration vboxgetty.conf(5)


vboxgetty.conf - config file for vboxgetty


The file /etc/isdn/vboxgetty.conf is used to configure vboxgetty. Please read the man page vboxgetty(8) for a description of how vboxgetty works.

Everything after "#" is ignored, as are empty lines. All arguments must be separated by whitespace (spaces, tabs). Arguments may not contain whitespace.

All settings before the first port command are global settings, after a port command they only affect the current port.

ISDN device to configure.

Command to initialize the modem. You should set the MSN/EAZ on which vboxgetty should listen for incoming calls. Default is "ATZ".

Name of the user that vboxgetty will use. This user must exist in /etc/passwd and you must use this parameter.

Name of the group that vboxgetty will use. This group must exist in /etc/group and you must use this parameter.

Vboxgetty will use this umask when creating new files. You must give the umask as an octal number. Default is 077.

Number of milliseconds to hold the DTR-Line low to reset the modem. Default value is 800.

Number of milliseconds to wait after initializing the modem. This is used to compensate the delay of the "NO CARRIER" response. Default value is 1500.

Maximum failures with modeminit. If this number is reached, vboxgetty exits. Default is 0.

Time in seconds to wait for a RING. If no RING is received within this time, no call is taken. Default is 5.

Time in seconds to wait for the echo from the modem. Default is 4.

Time in seconds to wait for a response to a modem command. Default is 4.

After this time in seconds vboxgetty will check if the modem is still responding to modem commands. Default is 1800.

Audio compression to use to record new messages. Possible values are ADPCM-2, ADPCM-3, ADPCM-4 and ULAW. The ALAW compression mode is no longer supported. Default is ULAW.

Spool directory to use. This directory must exist. It's used for control files of several programs. Default is /var/spool/vbox/<user>.

Full path of the vbox config file. Default value is <spooldir>/vbox.conf.

Number of bytes that must be available on the partition with the spool directory, so that a call may be taken. Default is 0.

What messages are be written to /var/log/vbox/vboxgetty-<device>.log. The string consists of letters representing the severities of the messages to log (F=FATAL, E=ERROR, W=WARNING, I=INFO, D=DEBUG, J=JUNK). Default is FEWI.


this configuration file


vboxgetty(8), vbox(5), vboxtcl(5)


This manual page was written by Andreas Jellinghaus <>, for Debian GNU/Linux and isdn4linux.

2003/03/11 ISDN 4 Linux 3.25