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SoNodeKitDetail(3IV)() SoNodeKitDetail(3IV)()


SoNodeKitDetail — stores detail information about a nodekit


SoDetail > SoNodeKitDetail


#include <Inventor/details/SoNodeKitDetail.h>

Methods from class SoNodeKitDetail:


virtual ~SoNodeKitDetail()

SoBaseKit * getNodeKit() const

SoNode * getPart() const

const SbName & getPartName() const

Methods from class SoDetail:

SoDetail * copy() const

static SoType getClassTypeId()

virtual SoType getTypeId() const

SbBool isOfType(SoType type) const


This class contains detail information about a nodekit. This consists of a pointer to the nodekit, a pointer to the child part within the nodekit, and the name of the child part.

During a pick action, each nodekit along the picked path creates its own SoNodeKitDetail. Together, the full set of details gives you complete picture of the pickpath.

Since nodekits have hidden children (See the reference page for SoBaseKit), a regular SoPath ends at the topmost nodekit in the path. If you cast the pickpath from an SoPath pointer to an SoNodeKitPath pointer, you can then retrieve all nodekits along the path and examine their corresponding details.



virtual ~SoNodeKitDetail()

Constructor and destructor.

SoBaseKit * getNodeKit() const

Returns a pointer to the nodekit that created this detail.

SoNode * getPart() const

Returns a pointer to the part selected within the nodekit that created this detail.

const SbName & getPartName() const

Returns the name of the part selected within the nodekit that created this detail. (See SoRayPickAction in the ACTIONS section of the SoBaseKit reference page for more information).


SoBaseKit, SoNodeKitPath, SoDetail, SoPickedPoint