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inputattach(1) General Commands Manual inputattach(1)


inputattach - attach a serial line to an input-layer device


inputattach [--daemon] [--always] [--noinit] [--baud baud>] <mode> <device>


inputattach attaches a serial line to an input-layer device via a line discipline.

At least one of the available modes must be specified on the command line; if the modes can be probed, up to four can be specified, and they will be tried in sequence until one matches the device.


Forks into the background.
Ignore initialization failures when attaching the device.
Skip device initialization.
Specify the baud rate to use. (This is only necessary if the default rate is incorrect.)


2-button Microsoft mouse.
Just enable device.
EETI eGalaxTouch.
ELO touchscreen, 10-byte mode.
ELO Touchscreen, 3-byte mode.
ELO touchscreen, 4-byte mode.
ELO touchscreen, 6-byte mode.
Genius EasyPen 3x4 tablet.
Fujitsu serial touchscreen.
FS-iA6B RC Receiver.
Hampshire touchscreen.
I-Force joystick or wheel.
Ipaq h3600 touchscreen.
Stowaway keyboard.
DEC LK201 / LK401 keyboards.
Magellan / SpaceMouse.
3-button Logitech / Genius mouse.
4-button Logitech / Genius mouse.
Logitech mouse with 4-5 buttons or a wheel.
3-button mouse in Microsoft mode.
Microsoft IntelliMouse.
3-button Mouse Systems mouse.
MicroTouch (3M) touchscreen.
Newton keyboard.
SpaceOrb 360 / SpaceBall Avenger.
PenMount 3000 touchscreen.
PenMount 6000 touchscreen.
PenMount 9000 touchscreen.
PenMount 6250 touchscreen.
PS/2 serial multiplexer.
PS/2 via serial keyboard.
Pulse Eight HDMI CEC dongle.
RainShadow Tech HDMI CEC dongle.
SpaceBall 2003 / 3003 / 4000 FLX.
Sun Type 4 and Type 5 keyboards.
Gravis Stinger.
3-button Sun mouse.
Sahara Touch-iT213 Tablet PC.
TAOS evaluation module.
Touchright serial touchscreen.
TSC-10/25/40 serial touchscreen.
Touchwindow serial touchscreen.
Handykey Twiddler chording keyboard.
Handykey Twiddler used as a joystick.
DEC VSXXX-AA / VSXXX-GA mouse and VSXXX-A tablet.
Wacom W8001 pen and/or touch devices. The default baud rate, 38400bps, allows for touch-only or pen and touch devices; for pen-only devices, "--baud 19200" must be specified.
Wacom protocol IV tablet.
WingMan Warrior.
Zhen Hua 5-byte protocol.


inputattach was written by Vojtech Pavlik and Arndt Schoenewald, and improved by many others; see the linuxconsole tools documentation for details.

This manual page was written by Stephen Kitt <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

October 5, 2019 inputattach