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ifplugd.conf(5) File Formats Manual ifplugd.conf(5)


ifplugd.conf - ifplugd configuration file




ifplugd.conf is the configuration file for ifplugd. It is a shell script that is sourced by the init script starting the daemon. It shall be used to set environment variables which are interpreted by the init script:


Specifies the ethernet interfaces to monitor. It has to contain a space seperated list of network interfaces names. Most users will probably use "eth0" here, however you may add additional interfaces for monitoring more than one device. A special value is supported as well: "auto" will enable a more or less working auto detection of available network devices. This won't make you happy when using network module auto loading, since it cannot detect currently unloaded network devices.
Specifies the interfaces that can be hotplugged (like interfaces on PCMCIA, USB or WLAN adapters). "all" can be used to make the udev script start an ifplugd process for any hotplugged interfaces (except those already listed in INTERFACES).
Additional command line arguments for ifplugd invocation. See ifplugd(8) for further information.
If specified for an interface this variable takes precedence over ARGS. This may be useful if more than one network device is present.




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