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ID3V2(1) User Command ID3V2(1)


id3v2 - Adds/Modifies/Removes/Views id3v2 tags, converts/lists id3v1 tags


id3v2 [ OPTION ] [ FILE ]


Display help and exit
Display all possible frames for id3v2
Lists all id3v1 genres
Display version information and exit
Lists the tag(s) on the file(s)
Lists using an rfc822-style format for output
Deletes id3v2 tags
Deletes id3v1 tags

Deletes both id3v1 and id3v2 tags

Converts id3v1 tag to id3v2
Set the artist information
Set the album title information
Set the song title information
Set the comment information
Set the genre number
Set the year
Set the track number/(optional) total tracks


You can set the value for any id3v2 frame by using '--' and then frame id

id3v2 --TIT3 Monkey! file.mp3


id3tag(1), id3info(1), id3convert(1)


id3v2 is by myers <> with major portions used from id3lib examples. Manual page written for Debian GNU/Linux by Robert Woodcock <>.

May 2000