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hfst-compose-intersect - =Compose a lexicon with one or more rule transducers.


hfst-compose-intersect [OPTIONS...] [INFILE1 [INFILE2]]


Compose a lexicon with one or more rule transducers.

Common options:

Print help message
Print version info
Print verbosely while processing
Only print fatal erros and requested output
Alias of --quiet

Input/Output options:

-1, --input1=INFILE1
Read first input transducer from INFILE1
-2, --input2=INFILE2
Read second input transducer from INFILE2
Do not allow transducers to be converted into the same type
Write results to OUTFILE

Composition options:

Compose the intersection of the rules with the lexicon instead of composing the lexicon with the intersection of the rules.
Faster compose instersect using more memory.
Encode weights when minimizing (default is false).
Harmonize symbols.

If OUTFILE, or either INFILE1 or INFILE2 is missing or -, standard streams will be used. INFILE1, INFILE2, or both, must be specified The format of INFILE1 and INFILE2 must be the same; the result will have the same format as these. INFILE1 (the lexicon) must contain exactly one transducer. INFILE2 (rule file) may contain several transducers.


hfst-compose-intersect -o analyzer.hfst lexicon.hfst rules.hfst

compose rules with lexicon


Report bugs to <> or directly to our bug tracker at: <>

hfst-compose-intersect home page: <>
General help using HFST software: <>


Copyright © 2017 University of Helsinki, License GPLv3: GNU GPL version 3 <>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

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