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PAGSH(1) General Commands Manual PAGSH(1)


pagshcreates a new credential cache sandbox


pagsh [-c command-string] [-h | --help] [--version] [--cache-type=string] command [args...]


Supported options:

command-string Executes command(s) contained in command-string.
, --help

pagsh creates a new credential cache sandbox for the user to live in. If AFS is installed on the computer, the user is put in a newly created Process Authentication Group (PAG).

For Kerberos 5, the credential cache type that is used is the same as the credential cache type that was used at the time of pagsh invocation. The credential cache type can be controlled by the option --cache-type.


Create a new sandbox where new credentials can be used, while the old credentials can be used by other processes.

$ klist
Credentials cache: FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_913
        Principal: lha@E.KTH.SE

  Issued           Expires          Principal
Feb 12 10:08:31  Feb 12 20:06:36  krbtgt/E.KTH.SE@E.KTH.SE
$ pagsh
$ klist
klist: No ticket file: /tmp/krb5cc_03014a


afslog(1), kinit(1)

February 12, 2005 Debian