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guile-gnome-0(1) General Commands Manual guile-gnome-0(1)


guile-gnome-0 - starts guile and sets it up for loading guile-gnome modules


guile-gnome-0 [ guile options ]


The purpose of this script is twofold. First, it serves to find guile in the load path instead of statically “linking” to /usr/bin/guile. Second, it will set up the guile load path and the library path such that using guile-gnome modules will Just Work. This is necessary because we might choose to break the application interfaces in the future, so we need to allow for parallel installs.

Note that the proper way to make a script that will use this as the interpreter is as follows:

#! /bin/sh
exec guile-gnome-0 -s $0 "$@"

This will allow the shell to find guile-gnome-0 in the path.


These are extended (or set, if unset or empty) before exec-ing guile.


guile (1)

Andreas Rottmann