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gtk-theme-switch2(1) General Commands Manual gtk-theme-switch2(1)


gtk-theme-switch2 — program to preview and adjust your GTK+ 2.x theme


gtk-theme-switch2 [-h] [-p theme] [-i tarball] [-f font] [-d]


This manual page documents briefly the gtk-theme-switch2 command, utility for managing GTK+ 2.x theme.

The interface is simple; a "theme dock" is used to select the theme you wish to change to or preview, and then it is a matter of selecting what you want to do - apply it or preview it.


Show summary of options.
Show the 'theme dock' (default.)
Previews the specified theme, or installs it if in a tarball and then previews.
Installs the specified theme, or installs it if in a tarball.
Change the GTK+ display font to font.




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