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GPSPLOT(1) GPSD Documentation GPSPLOT(1)


gpsplot - tool to dynamically dump plot data from gpsd


gpsplot [-?] [--count COUNT] [--debug LVL] [--device DEVICE] [--fields FIELDS] [--file FILE] [--help] [--host HOST] [--plottype PLOTTYPE] [--port PORT] [--seconds SECONDS] [--units UNITS] [--version] [-D LVL] [-h] [-n COUNT] [-u UNITS] [-V] [-x SECONDS] [server [:port [:device]]]


gpsplot is a tool to connect to gpsd and dynamically plot data to the users screen. Plot types include scatterplots and stripcharts.

Plotting requires the Python Matplot lib module, and its many dependencies be installed on the display host, but not on the host that is running the gpsd instance.


-?, -h, --help

Print a usage message and exit.

-d LVL, --debug LVL

Set debug level to LVL.

--device DEVICE

The DEVICE on the gpsd to connect to. Defaults to all.

--fields FIELDS

The code for the fields to plot. FIELDS is one of: llh (lat/lon/altHAE) or llm (lat/lon/altMSL).

--file FILE

Read JSON from FILE instead of from gpsd..

--host HOST

Connect to the gpsd on HOST (server). Defaults to localhost.

--plottype PLOTTYPE

The type of plot to make. PLOTTYPE is one of 'scatterplot' or'stripchart'.

-n COUNT, --count COUNT

Exit after COUNT plot messages.

-p PORT, --port PORT

Use PORT to connect to gpsd. Defaults to 2947.

-V, --version

Print the program version and exit.

-x SECONDS, --seconds SECONDS

Wait for SECONDS seconds before exiting. Set to zero to diable. Default 0.


Generate a scatterplot of Latitude, Longitude and the Altitude above Mean Sea Level (altMSL). Stop after 60 seconds:

gpsplot --seconds 60 --fields llm

Generate a scatterplot of Latitude, Longitude and the Height Above Ellipsoid (altHAE). Stop after 60 fixes:

gpsplot --count 60 --plottype stripchart

Generate a scatterplot locally of Latitude, Longitude and altMSL from a remote gpsd instannce at host "" and the remote device "/dev/ttyS0". Stop after 60 fixes:

gpsplot --count 60 --fields llm


gpsd(8), gps(1), gpscat(1). gpsfake(1), gpsprof(1),


Gary E. Miller <>.

7 December 2020 The GPSD Project