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GSDOC(1) GNUstep System Manual GSDOC(1)


GSDoc - GNUstep XML documentation format


GSDoc is an XML language designed specifically for writing documentation for the GNUstep project. In practice, that means that it is designed for writing about software, and in particular, for writing about Objective-C classes.


The GSDoc markup language is defined by an SGML DTD, that specifies the tags that may be used in marking up a GSDoc document, and how and where those tags may be placed. The reader is encouraged to consult the DTD directly on any points that the other documentation leaves unclear. The DTD is stored under GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_LIBRARY/DTDs in a standard GNUstep installation... where GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_LIBRARY is defined in the GNUstep configuration file (GNUstep.conf).


GSDoc may be written by hand, but it is primarily autogenerated from Objective-C source files by a tool called autogsdoc. See the man page for that tool for more information. This tool also converts GSDoc into HTML for viewing. In the future it is planned to convert the XML into HTML, texinfo, man page, and other formats using XSLT.


The primary documentation source for GSDoc is the GNUstep system HTML documentation, under the Tools section. In a standard GNUstep installation this should be found under GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_DOC/Developer/Tools... where GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_DOC is defined in the GNUstep configuration file (GNUstep.conf).


autogsdoc(1), GNUstep(7)


The GSDoc format was developed for GNUstep based on the earlier GDML SGML language.

This manual page first appeared in gnustep-base 1.9.2 (March 2004).


gsdoc was defined by Richard Frith-Macdonald <>

March 2004 GNUstep