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git-big-picture - Visualize Git repositories


git-big-picture OPTIONS [REPOSITORY]


Visualize Git repositories

positional arguments:

path to the Git working directory (default: current directory)

optional arguments:

show this help message and exit
show program's version number and exit
run cProfile profiler writing pstats output to FILE
activate debug output

output options:

Options to control output and format

set output format [svg, png, ps, pdf, ...]
enforce a specific direction of history on Graphviz (default: rightwards)
remove edges implied by transitivity using Graphviz filter "tred" (default: do not remove implied edges)
output lines suitable as input for dot/graphviz
disable dot/graphviz output
output the dot processed, binary data
disable binary output
write image to tempfile and start specified viewer
disable starting viewer
write image to specified file
disable writing image to file
wait for SECONDS seconds before deleting the temporary file that is opened using the viewer command (default: 2.0 seconds); this helps e.g. with viewer commands that tell other running processes to open that file on their behalf, to then shut themselves down

filter options:

Options to control commit/ref selection

include all commits
show commits pointed to by branches
do not show commits pointed to by branches
show commits pointed to by tags
do not show commits pointed to by tags
show root commits
do not show root commits
include merge commits
do not include merge commits
include bifurcation commits; a bifurcation commit is a commit that is a parent to more than one other commits, i.e. it marks the point where one or more new branches came to life; bifurcation commits can also be thought of as the counterpart of merge commits
do not include bifurcation commits
include commit messages on labels
do not include commit messages on labels


git-big-picture is software libre, licensed under the GPL v3 or later license. Please report bugs at Thank you!

March 2022 git-big-picture 1.2.1