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git-annex-log(1) General Commands Manual git-annex-log(1)


git-annex-log - shows location log


git annex log [path ...]


Displays the location log for the specified file or files, showing each repository they were added to ("+") and removed from ("-"). Note that the location log is for the particular file contents currently at these paths, not for any different content that was there in earlier commits.

This displays information from the history of the git-annex branch. Several things can prevent that information being available to display. When git-annex-dead and git-annex-forget are used, old historical data gets cleared from the branch. When annex.private or is configured, git-annex does not write information to the branch at all. And when annex.alwayscommit is set to false, information may not have been committed to the branch yet.


These options are passed through to git log, and can be used to limit how far back to search for location log changes.
For example: --since "1 month ago"
Rather than the normal display of a date in the local time zone, displays seconds since the unix epoch.
Generates output suitable for the gource visualization program.
The git-annex-matching-options(1) can be used to control what to act on.
Shows location log changes to all content, with the most recent changes first. In this mode, the names of files are not available and keys are displayed instead.
git-annex-common-options(1) can be used.





Joey Hess <>