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git-annex-info(1) General Commands Manual git-annex-info(1)


git-annex-info - information about an item or the repository


git annex info [directory|file|treeish|remote|description|uuid ...]


Displays statistics and other information for the specified item, which can be a directory, or a file, or a treeish, or a remote, or the description or uuid of a repository.

When no item is specified, displays statistics and information for the local repository and all annexed content.


Only show the data that can be gathered quickly.
Enable JSON output. This is intended to be parsed by programs that use git-annex. Each line of output is a JSON object.
Messages that would normally be output to standard error are included in the json instead.
Show file sizes in bytes, disabling the default nicer units.
Enable batch mode, in which a line containing an item is read from stdin, the information about it is output to stdout, and repeat.
Makes the --batch input be delimited by nulls instead of the usual newlines.
Display a list of special remotes that have been configured to autoenable.
The git-annex-matching-options(1) can be used to select what to include in the statistics.
git-annex-common-options(1) can be used.


Suppose you want to run "git annex get .", but would first like to see how much disk space that will use. Then run:

git annex info --fast . --not --in here




Joey Hess <>