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gcompris - manual page for gcompris GCompris



- An educational software for chilren 2 to 10

Help Options:

Show help options
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Application Options:

run GCompris in fullscreen mode.
run GCompris in window mode.
run GCompris with sound enabled.
run GCompris without sound.
run GCompris with the default system cursor.
run GCompris without cursor (touch screen mode).
display only activities with this difficulty level.
Return to last passed level even when no user is selected
Run GCompris with local menu (e.g -l /reading will let you play only activities in the reading directory, -l /strategy/connect4 only the connect4 activity). Use '-l list' to list all the available activities and their descriptions.
GCompris will find the data dir in this directory
GCompris will find the skins in this directory
GCompris will find the activity plugins in this directory
GCompris will find the Python activity in this directory
GCompris will find the locale file (.mo translation) in this directory
GCompris will find the activities menu in this directory
Run GCompris in administration and user-management mode
Use alternate database for profiles [$HOME/.config/gcompris/gcompris_sqlite.db]
Create the alternate database for profiles
Re-read XML Menus and store them in the database
Set the profile to use. Use 'gcompris -a' to create profiles
List all available profiles. Use 'gcompris -a' to create profiles
Config directory location: [$HOME/.config/gcompris]. Alternate is to set $XDG_CONFIG_HOME.
The location of user directories: [$HOME/My GCompris]
Run the experimental activities
Disable the quit button
Disable the config button
Disable the level button
Disable the database (slower start and no user log)
Global drag and drop mode: normal, 2clicks, both. Default mode is normal.
Do not avoid the execution of multiple instances of GCompris.
Disable maximization zoom
Increase activities' timeout delays; useful values > 1.0; 1.0 to not change hardcoded value
How activities' timeout delays are growing for several actors; useful values < 1.0; 1.0 to not change hardcoded value
For test purpose, run in a loop all the activities
display debug informations on the console.
Print the version of gcompris
X display to use

Version: 13.11 License: GPL More info at


The full documentation for gcompris is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and gcompris programs are properly installed at your site, the command

info gcompris

should give you access to the complete manual.

November 2013 gcompris GCompris