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DBXTOOL(1) User Commands DBXTOOL(1)


dbxtool - dbxtool


This manual page documents briefly the dbxtool command.

dbxtool allows a user to operate on the UEFI dbx revokation list. This tool can be used to list the current dbx contents or update it to a newer version.


dbxtool [OPTION?]

Help Options:

-h, --help
Show help options

Application Options:

-v, --verbose
Show extra debugging information
Show the calculated version of the dbx
-l, --list
List entries in dbx
-a, --apply
Apply update files
-d, --dbx=FILENAME
Specify the dbx database file
-f, --force
Apply update even when not advised

This tool allows an administrator to apply UEFI dbx updates.

September 2020 dbxtool 1.4.6