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FSODEVICED(1) General Commands Manual FSODEVICED(1)


fsodeviced - FSO device daemon




fsodeviced implements the FSO Device DBus API. This API allows peripheral control, such as managing audio, backlight brightness, LEDs, Vibrator, Accelerometer, and power control for devices without dedicated controlling daemon. It can deal with charging notification and RTC, forwarding button events and notifying about the system's idleness status.

It also ensures proper high-level suspend and resume preparation for available resources. Although it might be tempting, preparing a GSM modem for suspend can't sanely be handled in kernelspace, since you need to send several AT commands to it in order to prevent bogus wakeups. Which commands exactly is very device and situation specific, hence should be handled by userspace.

fsodeviced loads its configuration from /etc/freesmartphone/conf/<platform>/fsodeviced.conf (platform is detected via /proc/cpuinfo). If this file can't be found it will fallback to /etc/freesmartphone/conf/default/fsodeviced.conf instead.

The daemon will be started automatically by DBus, once a request is send to it, but can also be started manually, e.g. via /etc/init.d/fso-deviced.


fsodeviced takes no parameters.


fsodeviced was written by the FSO Team <>.

This manual page was written by Sebastian Reichel <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

August 31, 2011