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freedoom1 - Automatically launch Freedoom with an engine


freedoom1 [-p DOOMPORT|--] [ARGS]


Freedoom is a project to create a complete free-content game based on the Doom engine (often called “source ports” or simply “ports”), which itself is free software. In addition, it maintains compatibility with Doom itself and is capable of playing the wide variety of modifications (“mods”) that have been released by an active community since 1993.

This command is a simple shell script to assist in running Freedoom, which is not a game engine itself nor part of any engine project, but playing Freedoom should remain simple. The script tries to automatically select an engine based on a hard-coded list, but three overrides are available, in order of precedence: command-line argument, environment variable, and a $HOME/.doomport symbolic link. Passing -p DOOMPORT runs Freedoom using the DOOMPORT specified. Setting the DOOMPORT environment variable is similar, running the engine specified in the variable. An additional permanent setting is via the $HOME/.doomport symbolic link, which may point to an executable to run.

Additional arguments passed to the program, or after specifying -- as the first option, will be passed to the engine being called. This can allow you to use options such as -file to load mods or anything else available with the engine of choice.


Freedoom is licensed under a permissive three-clause BSD license. For details, see the source tree or the COPYING/COPYRIGHT file that was installed by distribution packaging.

This manual page and the launcher script are both placed under the public domain.


chocolate-doom(6), crispy-doom(6), prboom-plus(6)