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FRACTALNOW(1) Fractal generator FRACTALNOW(1)


fractalnow - Generate fractal images.


fractalnow [OPTIONS] -c <Config> [-x <Width>|-y <Height>] -o <Output>
fractalnow [OPTIONS] -f <Fractal> -r <Rendering> [-x <Width>|-y <Height>] -o <Output>


FractalNow is a command line tool that generates pictures of fractals as Portable PixMap (PPM) files.
It is multi-threaded and implements advanced algorithms and heuristics that make computation very fast compared to most existing free fractal generators.
See QFractalNow, a graphical tool to explore fractals.


Print help.
Quiet mode, only errors are displayed.
Verbose mode.
Specify number of threads (see help for default value).
Specify gradient file, overriding gradient from configuration/ rendering file.
Specify float type:
single Single precision.
double Double precision.
ldouble Long double precision.
mp Multiple precision.
Specify precision of Multiple Precision (MP) floats (see help for default value).
Specify anti-aliasing method:
none By default.
blur Gaussian blur.
oversampling Oversampling.
adaptive Smart oversampling.
Specify size for anti-aliasing:
Radius for blur (values in [2.5, 4] are generally good).
Scale factor for oversampling ([3, 5] is good for a high quality image).
Scale factor for adaptive (integers between 3-5 are good for a high quality image).
Threshold for adaptive anti-aliasing (see help for default value).
Maximum size of quadrilaterals for linear interpolation.
Default is good for no visible loss of quality (see help for default value).
1 means no interpolation (all pixels are computed).
Dissimilarity threshold for quad interpolation.
Default is good for no visible loss of quality (see help for default value).
A quadrilateral that shows too dissimilar values at its corners will be computed, as opposed to interpolated.


FractalNow was written by Marc Pegon <>.


FractalNow is licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 3 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation.


QFractalNow manual page.
Documentation files describing configuration, fractal, rendering and gradient files formats.

2012-07-11 FractalNow