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fprcp(1) windres preprocessor fprcp(1)


fprcp - Free Pascal windres preprocessor program.


fprcp -i file_name [-n] [-C] [-l PASCAL|C] [-p <include_path>]


fprcp reads a .rc file and preprocesses it, writing the result to standard output as it goes along. It replaces defined constants with their values, so windres can process the resulting file and create a resource.


fprcp needs as a minimum the -i filename option, which is the file to process.


fprcp has a small number of options to control its behaviour:

Define the symbol symbol before processing is started.
Specify the input file name. This argument is mandatory.
Set the programming language for include files. The language constant may be one of the following:
The C programming language.
the Pascal programming language
Do not support nested comments. By default, pascal nested comments are enabled.
Set the include path. This may contain several files, separated by semicolons.


ppc386(1) windres(1)

12 November 2004 Free Pascal