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ethersrv-linux(8) System Manager's Manual ethersrv-linux(8)


ethersrv-linux - Ethernet DOS Filesystem server


ethersrv-linux [-f] iface directory [directory...]


ethersrv-linux serves the named directories over the interface iface.

The first exported directory will be mapped to C:, the second to D:, etc.


stay in the foreground (do not daemonize the process).


ethersrv-linux needs the CAP_NEW_RAW system capability, which usually means that it needs to be run as root.

The exported directories should reside on FAT filesystems; this ensures that FAT attributes and mixed-case filenames are handled correctly, and that '.' and '..' appear in the expected order.


ethersrv-linux was written by Mateusz Viste. This manual page was adapted from the provided documentation by Stephen Kitt, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but it may be used by others).

December 30, 2020 etherdfs-server