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wxControl(3erl) Erlang Module Definition wxControl(3erl)


wxControl - Functions for wxControl class


This is the base class for a control or "widget".

A control is generally a small window which processes user input and/or displays one or more item of data.

See: wxValidator (not implemented in wx)

This class is derived (and can use functions) from: wxWindow wxEvtHandler

wxWidgets docs: wxControl


Event types emitted from this class: command_text_copy, command_text_cut, command_text_paste


wxControl() = wx:wx_object()


getLabel(This) -> unicode:charlist()


This = wxControl()

Returns the control's label, as it was passed to setLabel/2.

Note that the returned string may contains mnemonics ("&" characters) if they were passed to the setLabel/2 function; use GetLabelText() (not implemented in wx) if they are undesired.

Also note that the returned string is always the string which was passed to setLabel/2 but may be different from the string passed to SetLabelText() (not implemented in wx) (since this last one escapes mnemonic characters).

setLabel(This, Label) -> ok


This = wxControl()
Label = unicode:chardata()

Sets the control's label.

All "&" characters in the label are special and indicate that the following character is a mnemonic for this control and can be used to activate it from the keyboard (typically by using Alt key in combination with it). To insert a literal ampersand character, you need to double it, i.e. use "&&". If this behaviour is undesirable, use SetLabelText() (not implemented in wx) instead.

wx 2.1.4 wxWidgets team.