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eql_enslave(8) System Manager's Manual eql_enslave(8)


eql_enslave - enslave a network interface with a master interface


eql_enslave <master-name> <slave-name> <estimated-bps>


eql_enslave enslaves a PPP or SLIP network interface to another, named master interface or eql device.

The MTU must match the MTU of your serial line device, otherwise, eql_enslave just fails when it is called. You have also to turn off Van-Jacobson compression on your slave devices.

Once the eql device is configured, it will stay up and running until you shut it down manually or reboot. If you have the eql support compiled as a module then all you have to do is to remove the module after downing the interface.

Note that you have to connect to a terminal server capable of doing load balancing or another Linux box to use EQL.


# Client Side EQL Driver Initialization

ifconfig eql netmask mtu 1500

eql_enslave eql ppp0 33600

eql_enslave eql ppp1 14400

eql_enslave eql ppp2 28800




Written by Simon "Guru Aleph-Null" Janes,

Manual page added by Roberto Lumbreras <>.