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eja(1) General Commands Manual eja(1)


eja - micro web server


eja [SCRIPT] [OPTION]...


eja can be used as a micro web server for static and dynamic generated content, as a text scanner using Lua pattern matching syntax or as a standalone Lua interpreter.


launch an interactive shell.

if library is specified install or update it otherwise update eja to latest version.

export file to eja portable bytecode.

log data to file, default: stderr

level can be from 0 (no log) to 5 (trace).

if script is present load it as the scanning script using R as full row content and F as matching array elements. Otherwise print only matching pattern content.

scanning input file, default: stdin

set a valid Lua pattern as fields separator, default: %S+

set a valid Lua pattern as record separator, default: \n

start a new web server in background.

stop the web server running on specified port, default 35248.

bind web server to specified IP, default all available.

run the web server port on specified value, default 35248.

web content path, default /var/web

set web server buffer size, default 8192.

add a new web server user.

display help information.


lua(1), awk(1)


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