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szap(1) General Commands Manual szap(1)


szap - a program to process channels.conf files.


szap [options]


This manual page documents briefly the szap commands.

szap is a program to process a channels.conf file.


zap to channel via number or full name (case insensitive)
list known channels
use given adapter (default 0)
use given frontend (default 0)
use given demux (default 0)
read channels list from 'file'
enable Audio Bypass (default no)
exit after tuning
human readable output
set up /dev/dvb/adapterX/dvr0 for TS recording
run interactively, allowing you to type in channel names
add pat and pmt to TS recording (implies -r) or -n numbers for zapping

This manual page was written by Uwe Bugla <>.

February 14, 2010