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dnss(1) General Commands Manual dnss(1)


dnss - DNS over HTTPS


dnss [flags]


dnss is a daemon that can encapsulate DNS over HTTPS.

It can act as a DNS-to-HTTPS proxy, using as a server or anything implementing the same API.

It can also act as an HTTPS-to-DNS proxy, implementing the same HTTP API; you can use this instead of if you want more control over the servers and the final DNS server used (for example if you are in an isolated environment, such as a test lab or a private network).

In the default mode of operation, it listens for DNS requests on port 53, and will query an HTTPS server ( by default) to resolve them.


Run dnss --help for more details, or see the README file.


If you want to report bugs, or have any questions or comments, please send an email to Alberto Bertogli <>.