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dh_makefont(1) General Commands Manual dh_makefont(1)


dh_makefont - Debian Font packaging helper


dh_makefont [-h, --help] [-c,--copyright <type>] [-p,--package <name[_version]>] [--maint MAINT] [-u,--upstream UPSTREAMURL] font_folder


dh_makefont is a wrapper for the dh_make command to convert regular font source packages into one formatted according to the requirements of the Debian Policy.


-h, --help
Display the name, version, available options and authors, and exit successfully.
-c, --copyright license
Use license in copyright file for the package. license can be one of apache|artistic|bsd|gpl|gpl2|gpl3|lgpl|lgpl2|lgpl3|x11.
-p, --package name[_version]
Force package name to be name. If name_version is given this will set version number of package bypassing the directory checking.
--maint maintainer
Ovrride the default name of the mainter from "Debian Fonts Task Force" to maintainer. to *Debian Fonts Task Force*. maintainer should be in the form Maintainer Name <>
-u, --upstream url
Set the url from where the fonts were downloaded from to url. This url will be used in the following fields: Homepage: field of the control file and Source: field of the copyright file
-v, --version
Show the version number of program and exit.
This is the name of the folder in which you have extracted the fonts. Rules for folder name are same as dh_make. If you didn't give proper name dh_make will fail.


The following environment settings are used by dh_makefont:
Email address to use in control and changelog entries.
You full name, eg "John Doe" which will appear in the control and changelog entries.


If the package name has a hypen '-' in it then dh_makefont will mess up the package naming.


2016-01-04 Debian Project