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CVS-DEBUILD(1) General Commands Manual CVS-DEBUILD(1)


cvs-debuild - build a Debian package using cvs-buildpackage and debuild


cvs-debuild [debuild options] [cvs-buildpackage options] [--lintian-opts lintian options]


cvs-debuild is a wrapper around cvs-buildpackage to run it with debuild as the package-building program. (This cannot simply be accomplished using the -C option of cvs-buildpackage, as it does not know how to handle all of the special debuild options.)

The program simply stashes the debuild and lintian options, and passes them to debuild when it is called by cvs-buildpackage. All of the standard debuild options may be used (as listed below), but note that the root command specified by any --rootcmd or -r command-line option will be passed as an option to cvs-buildpackage. The first non-debuild option detected will signal the start of the cvs-buildpackage options.

The selection of the root command is slightly subtle: if there are any command-line options, these will be used. If not, then if cvs-buildpackage is set up to use a default root command, that will be used. Finally, if neither of these are the case, then debuild will use its procedures to determine an appropriate command, as described in its documentation.

See the manpages for debuild(1) and cvs-buildpackage for more information about the behaviour of each.


The following are the debuild options recognised by cvs-debuild. All cvs-buildpackage and lintian options are simply passed to the appropriate program. For explanations of the meanings of these variables, see debuild(1).

These should not be needed, but it is provided nevertheless.


cvs-buildpackage(1), debuild(1), dpkg-buildpackage(1), lintian(1)


This program was written by Julian Gilbey <>.

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