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walldns-conf(8) System Manager's Manual walldns-conf(8)


walldns-conf - sets up a DNS wall service.


walldns-conf acct logacct D ip


walldns-conf creates a service directory D that runs walldns(8). The name D must start with a slash and must not contain any special characters. Normally D is /etc/walldns.

You can run the service under svscan(8) by using the update-service(8) program on Debian GNU/Linux

update-service --add D

or by creating a symbolic link in the svscan(8) directory (normally /service or /etc/service), e.g.:

ln -s D /service

The service will start within five seconds, and will be restarted upon reboot. You can use svc(8) to control the service.

walldns-conf arranges for walldns to chroot to D/root and to run under the uid and gid of acct. The name acct must not contain any special characters.

walldns-conf arranges for walldns(8) to listen for UDP packets on port 53 of ip, and to send outgoing packets from ip.

walldns-conf creates an automatically rotated log directory in D/log/main. The logs are owned by logacct. The corresponding multilog(8) processes run under the uid and gid of logacct. The name logacct must not contain any special characters.


walldns(8), svscan(8), svc(8), multilog(8), axfrdns-conf(8), rbldns-conf(8), tinydns-conf(8), dnscache-conf(8), update-service(8)