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CUSTOMDEB(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation CUSTOMDEB(1)


customdeb - Customizes a binary debian package


customdeb file.cdeb [package.deb]

Applies the changed specified in the file file.cdeb to the package file specified on the command line. If no package file was passed, it downloads the latest package with dget.



The created package will be saved in the output/ subdirectory of the current directory. A dlcache/ directory will be created as well, to prevent repeated downloads of the same file. It can, however, be deleted without problems.


The cdeb file should be in a RFC822-like format, commonly used in Debian for almost everything: Field names and values are separated by a colon (":"). Lines starting with a blank are just appended to their previous line's value. Lines that contain only a period (".") in them will become an empty line in the output. Empty lines are ignored. Comments are allowed - All characters after a # sign until the end of the line are ignored. If you need to include the # sign, prepend it with another #. Also see Parse::DebControl.

The first stanza of the file specifies general information on the package and the changes. This is followed by any number of change stanzas, described as below. The changes are applied in the order of their appearance in the cdeb file.


The name of the package to modify. (required)
String to append to the version of the package.

Default: 0

String to be inserted into the Debian changelog of the created package.

Default: "This is a customized package, created using customdeb."

TODO: Multi line arguments are not handled nicely yet.

String that specifies a directory to copy files from into the package (maybe overwriting files there). This happens before any of modification stanzas are executed.

Default: None


This describes changes to a file in the package.

The full path of the file to modify or add. (required)
Write the (probably-multi-line) value of the field to the file.
The file permission to set, in octal format.
The user and group to set, separated by a space.


You can find example files for customdeb in /usr/share/doc/customdeb/examples/.


Joachim Breitner <>

2008-01-27 perl v5.8.8