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comitup-cli(8) comitup-cli(8)


comitup-cli - command-line interface for comitup network management


$ `comitup-cli`
Connection: hotspot-123

1: MyAccessPoint
2: HisAccessPoint Available Commands:
connect to (<n>) command?:


The comitup-cli utility provides access to the comitup(8) D-Bus interface. It is intended to serve as a debug tool, and a source code example for connecting to the interface.

If the comitup(8) service is not running, comitup-cli will immediately exit.



The comitup states are HOTSPOT, CONNECTING, and CONNECTED.

In the HOTSPOT mode, comitup creates a wifi hotspot with the name comitup-<nnn>, where <nnn> is a persistent number.

Once in HOTSPOT mode, the system will occasionally (~1/min) cycle through available defined connections, by transitioning to the CONNECTING mode. The Access Point list is updated by this process. Any command issued by comitup-cli will cause the next timeout instance to be skipped.

Once a connection is established, the system will be in the CONNECTED mode. If the connection is lost, failed, or deleted, the system will transition back to the HOTSPOT state.


The ssid of the current active connection.


While in the HOTSPOT mode, comitup-cli will list the currently-visible access points, by ssid. Access points with the strongest signal are sorted to the top of the list. The entries are numbered, for use with the connect command.


r - Reload

Refresh the displayed state, mode, and list of access points.

q - Quit

Exit comitup.cli.

d - Delete connection

Delete the configuration information for the current wifi connection. This will cause comitup to transition to the HOTSPOT mode.

This command is not available in the HOTSPOT mode.

<n> - Connect to access point <n>

Define a connection for the selected access point, and then attempt to connect.

This command is only available in the HOTSPOT mode.

m - Manual connection

Enter an SSID manually.

i - Get information

Return the comitup version and host name for the current instance.

Comitup is Copyright (C) 2016-2019 David Steele <>


comitup(8), comitup-conf(5), comitup-web(8)

February 2019