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cansniffer - manual page for cansniffer 2020.11.0-1


cansniffer [can-interface]


cansniffer - volatile CAN content visualizer.


(quiet - all IDs deactivated)
(read from file)
(fix extended frame format output - no auto detect)
(start with binary mode)
(start with binary mode - for EFF on 80 chars)
(start with binary mode with gap - exceeds 80 chars!)
(color changes)
(timeout for ID display [x10ms] default: 500, 0 = OFF)
(hold marker on changes [x10ms] default: 100)
(loop time (display) [x10ms] default: 20)
(print this help text)

Use interface name 'any' to receive from all can-interfaces.

commands that can be entered at runtime:

- quit
- toggle binary / HEX-ASCII output
- toggle binary / HEX-ASCII output (small for EFF on 80 chars)
- toggle binary with gap / HEX-ASCII output (exceeds 80 chars!)
- toggle color mode
- force a clear screen
- notch currently marked/changed bits (can be used repeatedly)
- clear notched marked
- read settings file (filter/notch)
- write settings file (filter/notch)
- enable 'a'll SFF CAN-IDs to sniff
- enable 'n'one SFF CAN-IDs to sniff
- enable 'A'll EFF CAN-IDs to sniff
- enable 'N'one EFF CAN-IDs to sniff

+FILTER<ENTER> - add CAN-IDs to sniff

-FILTER<ENTER> - remove CAN-IDs to sniff

FILTER can be a single CAN-ID or a CAN-ID/Bitmask:

single SFF 11 bit IDs:

+1F5<ENTER> - add SFF CAN-ID 0x1F5

-42E<ENTER> - remove SFF CAN-ID 0x42E

single EFF 29 bit IDs:

+18FEDF55<ENTER> - add EFF CAN-ID 0x18FEDF55

-00000090<ENTER> - remove EFF CAN-ID 0x00000090

CAN-ID/Bitmask SFF:

-42E7FF<ENTER> - remove SFF CAN-ID 0x42E (using Bitmask)

-500700<ENTER> - remove SFF CAN-IDs 0x500 - 0x5FF

+400600<ENTER> - add SFF CAN-IDs 0x400 - 0x5FF

+000000<ENTER> - add all SFF CAN-IDs

-000000<ENTER> - remove all SFF CAN-IDs

CAN-ID/Bitmask EFF:

-0000000000000000<ENTER> - remove all EFF CAN-IDs

+12345678000000FF<ENTER> - add EFF CAN IDs xxxxxx78

+0000000000000000<ENTER> - add all EFF CAN-IDs

if (id & filter) == (sniff-id & filter) the action (+/-) is performed, which is quite easy when the filter is 000 resp. 00000000 for EFF.

December 2020 cansniffer 2020.11.0-1