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buildah-manifest-push(1) General Commands Manual buildah-manifest-push(1)


buildah-manifest-push - Push a manifest list or image index to a registry.


buildah manifest push [options...] listNameOrIndexName transport:details


Pushes a manifest list or image index to a registry.


The list image's ID and the digest of the image's manifest.



Push the images mentioned in the manifest list or image index, in addition to the list or index itself.

--authfile path

Path of the authentication file. Default is ${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}/containers/auth.json, which is set using buildah login. If the authorization state is not found there, $HOME/.docker/config.json is checked, which is set using docker login.

--cert-dir path

Use certificates at path (*.crt, *.cert, *.key) to connect to the registry. The default certificates directory is /etc/containers/certs.d.

--creds creds

The [username[:password]] to use to authenticate with the registry if required. If one or both values are not supplied, a command line prompt will appear and the value can be entered. The password is entered without echo.

--digestfile Digestfile

After copying the image, write the digest of the resulting image to the file.

--format, -f

Manifest list type (oci or v2s2) to use when pushing the list (default is oci).

--quiet, -q

Don't output progress information when pushing lists.


Don't copy signatures when pushing images.


Delete the manifest list or image index from local storage if pushing succeeds.

--sign-by fingerprint

Sign the pushed images using the GPG key that matches the specified fingerprint.

--tls-verify bool-value

Require HTTPS and verification of certificates when talking to container registries (defaults to true). TLS verification cannot be used when talking to an insecure registry.


buildah manifest push mylist:v1.11 docker://


buildah(1), buildah-login(1), buildah-manifest(1), buildah-manifest-create(1), buildah-manifest-add(1), buildah-manifest-remove(1), buildah-manifest-annotate(1), buildah-manifest-inspect(1), buildah-rmi(1), docker-login(1)

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