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BND(1) BND for Debian GNU/Linux BND(1)


bnd - Create and diagnose OSGi bundles.


bnd [general-options] [cmd] [cmd-options]

bnd [general-options] <file>.jar

bnd [general-options] <file>.bnd


The bnd tool helps you create and diagnose OSGi bundles. The key functions are:

 * Show the manifest and JAR contents of a bundle
 * Wrap a JAR so that it becomes a bundle
 * Create a Bundle from a specification and a class path
 * Verify the validity of the manifest entries


Same as the property --failok. The current run will create a JAR file even if there were errors.
Will print the exception when the software has ran into a bad exception and bails out. Normally only a message is printed. For debugging or diagnostic reasons, the exception stack trace can be very helpful.
Do full
Identify another project
Build for test
Specify the output file path. The default is output.jar in the current directory


Available commands:
action - Execute an action on a repo, or if no name is give, list
the actions
add - Add a workspace, or a project or a plugin to the workspace
baseline - Compare a newer bundle to a baselined bundle and provide
versioning advice
bash - Generate autocompletion file for bash
bnd - The swiss army tool for OSGi
bootstrap - Interactive gogo shell
bsn2url - From a set of bsns, create a list of urls if found in the repo
build - Build a project. This will create the jars defined in the
bnd.bnd and sub-builders.
buildx - Build project, is deprecated but here for backward
bump - Bumps the version of a project
changes - Show the changes in this release of bnd
clean - Clean a project
compile - Compile a project or the workspace
convert - Converter to different formats
copy -
create - Create jar, used to support backward compatible java jar
debug - Show a lot of info about the project you're in
defaults -
deliverables - Show all deliverables from this workspace. with their
current version and path.
diff - Diff jars
digest - Digests a number of files
do - Execute a file based on its extension. Supported
extensions are: bnd (build), bndrun (run), and jar (print)
eclipse - Show info about the current directory's eclipse project
ees - Show the Execution Environments of a JAR
enroute - OSGi enRoute commands to maintain bnd workspaces (create
workspace, add project, etc)
export -
extract - Extract files from a JAR file, equivalent jar command
x[vf] (syntax supported)
find - Go through the exports and/or imports and match the given
exports/imports globs. If they match, print the file,
package and version.
flatten - Flatten a bundle by expanding all entries on the
grep - Grep the manifest of bundles/jar files.
info - Show key project variables
junit - Test a project with plain JUnit
macro - Show macro value
maven - Maven bundle command
nexus -
package - Package a bnd or bndrun file into a single jar that
executes with java -jar <>.jar
plugins -
print - Printout the JAR
profile - Profile management. A profile is a JAR that only contains
packages and capabilities
project - Execute a Project action, or if no parms given, show
information about the project
release - Release this project
remote -
remove - Remove a project or a plugin from the workspace
repo - Manage the repositories
resolve -
run - Run a project in the OSGi launcher
runtests - Run OSGi tests and create report
schema - Highly specialized function to create an overview of
package deltas in ees
select - Helps finding information in a set of JARs by filtering on
manifest data and printing out selected information.
settings - Set bnd/jpm global variables
source - Merge a binary jar with its sources. It is possible to
specify source path
sync - Execute a Project action, or if no parms given, show
information about the project
syntax - Access the internal bnd database of keywords and options
test - Test a project according to an OSGi test
type - List files int a JAR file, equivalent jar command t[vf]
(syntax supported)
verify - Verify jars
version - Show version information about bnd
view - View a resource from a JAR file.
wrap - Wrap a jar
xref - Show a cross references for all classes in a set of jars.



2021-01-21 bnd-5.0.1