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CPBM(1) General Commands Manual CPBM(1)


cpbm - a software analysis toolkit (originally: CPROVER benchmarking framework)


cpbm sub-command [options] ...


This manual page documents briefly the cpbm command.

cpbm provides access to a collection of scripts and tools to benchmark software analysis tools.


The following sub-commands are available; each of them has its own set of options that are shown by cpbm command --help.

Display the cpbm help text.
Display the current version.
Print the path where cpbm scripts reside.
Unpack a CPROVER benchmark package.
Update a CPROVER benchmark package.
Create a CPROVER benchmark package.
Run a verification tool on a given benchmark and obtain logs.
Run C sources through Cil.
List all claims in a benchmark.
Produce a CSV table from benchmark runs.
Produce a LaTeX table from CSV.
Produce GNUplot scripts for box and scatter plots.
Generate HTML table and collect log files for web publication


The programs are documented fully by /usr/share/doc/bmt/README.gz


cpbm was written by Michael Tautschnig <>.

This manual page was written by Michael Tautschnig <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).

March 13, 2011