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BP_NETINSTALL(1p) User Contributed Perl Documentation BP_NETINSTALL(1p)

NAME - Net-based installer of BioPerl

SYNOPSIS -b|--build_param_str BUILD_STRING [options]
 -h|--help                Show this message
 -d|--dev                 Use the development version of bioperl from git
 --build_param_str=<args> Parameters that are passed in at 'perl Build.PL'
                          Use this string to predefine './Build install'
                            parameters such as 'install_base' for
                            bioperl installation
 --bioperl_path           Path to BioPerl tarball (will not download BioPerl)
 --skip_start             Don't wait for 'Enter' at program start


Net-based installer of BioPerl; this is based on the GBrowse netinstaller and hopefully all references to GBrowse have been removed. Let me know if not.

Save this to disk as "" and run:

   [sudo] perl


Scott Cain


2010. This script may be distributed under the same license as perl.

2018-10-27 perl v5.26.2