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binfmtasm(1) binfmt_C binfmtasm(1)


binfmtasm-interpreter - binfmt_misc Assembly handler


binfmtasm-interpreter Assembly-source-file-name [command-line opions ...]


binfmtasm-interpreter compiles an assembly source file specified on the command-line using gas compiler, and executes the resulting file.

It is designed to be used as a handler for binfmt_misc handler, which is a system used in Linux for handling arbitrary files as executables.

The command-line options are passed on to the compiled binary.


There is a requirement for C++ source files to have the magic characters /*BINFMTASMCPP: at the beginning of the file.

That line also is used to specify the additional command-line options for the assmebler.


The compiler used. The default is to use gcc

The compiler used, if GAS variable is not set.

Will fall back to using GCC and CC

Temporary directory used for binary and execution.

Falls back to $TMPDIR $TEMPDIR or /tmp

enables debug output if set.

Additional G++ options. Use BINFMTC_DEBUG to verify the options being passed on to g++.

The default is -O2 -Wall


Junichi Uekawa (

Upstream page is available at


binfmtc-interpreter(1), binfmtcxx-interpreter(1), binfmtf-interpreter(1), binfmtf95-interpreter(1), binfmtgcj-interpreter(1)

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