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tm(3avr) avr-libc tm(3avr)




Data Fields

int8_t tm_sec
int8_t tm_min
int8_t tm_hour
int8_t tm_mday
int8_t tm_wday
int8_t tm_mon
int16_t tm_year
int16_t tm_yday
int16_t tm_isdst

Detailed Description

The tm structure contains a representation of time 'broken down' into components of the Gregorian calendar.

The value of tm_isdst is zero if Daylight Saving Time is not in effect, and is negative if the information is not available.

When Daylight Saving Time is in effect, the value represents the number of seconds the clock is advanced.

See the set_dst() function for more information about Daylight Saving.

Field Documentation

int8_t tm::tm_hour

hours since midnight - [ 0 to 23 ]

int16_t tm::tm_isdst

Daylight Saving Time flag

int8_t tm::tm_mday

day of the month - [ 1 to 31 ]

int8_t tm::tm_min

minutes after the hour - [ 0 to 59 ]

int8_t tm::tm_mon

months since January - [ 0 to 11 ]

int8_t tm::tm_sec

seconds after the minute - [ 0 to 59 ]

int8_t tm::tm_wday

days since Sunday - [ 0 to 6 ]

int16_t tm::tm_yday

days since January 1 - [ 0 to 365 ]

int16_t tm::tm_year

years since 1900


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