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avahi-browse(1) General Commands Manual avahi-browse(1)


avahi-browse - Browse for mDNS/DNS-SD services using the Avahi daemon


avahi-browse [options] service-type

avahi-browse [options] --all

avahi-browse [options] --browse-domains

avahi-browse [options] --dump-db

avahi-browse-domains [options]


Browse for mDNS/DNS-SD network services and browsing domains using the Avahi daemon.


Specify a DNS-SD service type (e.g. _http._tcp) to browse for on the command line, or -a to browse for all available service types. Items that appear on the network are prefixed with "+", items that disappear are prefixed with "-". If --resolve is passed items that are resolved are prefixed with "=".

Browse for all service types registered on the LAN, not just the one specified on the command line.
Browse for browsing domains instead for services. avahi-browse-domains is equivalent to avahi-browse --browse-domains
Browse in the specified domain. If omitted avahi-browse will browse in the default browsing domain (usually: local)
Enable verbose mode.
Terminate after dumping a more or less complete list.
Terminate after dumping all entries available in the cache.
Ignore local services, show only remote services.
Automatically resolve services found.
Don't fail if the daemon is not found running. Instead, wait until it appears. If it disconnects, try to reconnect.
Make output easily parsable for usage in scripts. If enabled fields are separated by semicolons (;), service names are escaped. It is recommended to combine this with --no-db-lookup.
Don't lookup services types in service type database.
Dump the service type database (may be combined with -k)
Show help.
Show version information.


The Avahi Developers <avahi (at) lists (dot) freedesktop (dot) org>; Avahi is available from


avahi-publish(1), avahi-resolve(1), avahi-daemon(8)


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