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atsopt(1) General Commands Manual atsopt(1)


patsopt - ATS2 to C compiler


patsopt [<options>] [-o <file>] <specifications>...


patsopt is the compiler from ATS2 to C. It is most commonly invoked by patscc which is the preferred frontend for compiling ATS2 code. If no output filename is specified then the default is standard output. The output option -o <file> must be specified before any other specifications are given.


patsopt takes a number of commands with parameters to determine its behavior:

Generate dependency lists.
Generate line pragma information in target code.
Print the usage information.
Generate tagging information on syntactic entities.
Typecheck the given ATS source files, but go no further.
Show ATS2/Postiats version and gcc version.


patsopt takes a number of command-line specifications of the files it is to process.

Dynamically load the filenames.
Specify the output filename.
Statically load the filenames.


patsopt -o test.c -d test.dats

Compile test.dats to a C file.

patsopt -tc -d test.dats

Typecheck test.dats only.


These programs are documented fully by The ATS2/Postiats user's manual available via the web at


patsopt was written by Hongwei Xi.

This manual page was written by Matthew Danish <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).

October 8, 2013