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image2xy - Source extractor.


image2xy [options] fitsname.fits


Read a FITS file, find objects, and write out X, Y, FLUX to fitsname.xy.fits.


Read from a single FITS extension
Overwrite existing output file.
Write XYlist to given filename.
Lanczos order
Don't use optimization for byte (u8) images.
Downsample by a factor of 2 before running simplexy.
Downsample by an integer factor before running simplexy.
Downsample, if necessary, by this many factors of two.
Set median-filter box size (default 100 pixels)
Set Gaussian PSF sigma (default 1 pixel)
Set image noise level
Set significance level of peaks in sigmas (default 8 sigmas)
Set "saddle" level joining peaks i sigmas (default 5 sigmas)
Pull out a single plane of a multi-color image (default: first plane)
Don't do (median-based) background subtraction
Subtract this 'global' background value; implies -b
Set maximum extended object size for deblending (default 2000 pixels)
Save background-subtracted image to this filename (FITS float image)
Save background image to filename
Save smoothed background-subtracted image to filename
Save mask image to filename
Save connected-components image to filename
Verbose. repeat for more and more verboseness
Process first extension.
Process second extension
Same as above


The team. Principal investigators are David W. Hogg (NYU) and Dustin Lang (CMU).


July 2015 0.56