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armada-backlight(1) 2016-10-18 armada-backlight(1)


armada-backlight - Adjust Compaq Armada backlight


  armada-backlight [-h|--help] [[+-]value]



   None   Prints the current brightness level to stdout.
   +      Increases the brightness of the backlight.
   -      Decreases the brightness of the backlight.
   value  Sets the brightness of the backlight. Value must be between 0 and
          8, inclusive.

The Armada Backlight Controller is a program for controlling the brightness of the LCD backlight on Compaq Armada[1] laptops under Linux. It has been tested on an Armada M700 running. It is based on code by George Acher[2], which was written for the M300 and has been used on the E500. This package should also work on those machines, although that has not been tested by Nat Pryce, who put the modified package together.

The program is divided into two parts:

 1. A command-line program that is installed with privileges that
    allow it to control the backlight hardware (aka an "suid" program).
 2. A GNOME panel applet that provides a convenient GUI to the
    command-line program.

An alternative way of using the command-line program is to configure your X window manager to run it in response to key sequences such as Alt-F10 to make the screen brighter and Alt-Shift-F10 to make the screen dimmer (in Compaq Armada, the F10 key has a brightness icon on it).



GNOME Panel Applet

The Armada Backlight Controller applet is installed into the Utility category of the GNOME Applets menu.


When added to the panel, the applet presents a scrollbar that can be used to interactively control the brightness of the backlight and also shows the current level numerically. The icon identifies the applet in the panel and can be used to access the applet menu using the right mouse button.



Print usage information to stderr.








This manual page was written by Jari Aalto <> for the Debian GNU system (but may be used by others).

2016-10-18 armada-backlight