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APTONCD(1) General Commands Manual APTONCD(1)


aptoncd - CD/DVD-based repository creator for debian packages


aptoncd [options]


APTonCD is a complete solution to manage/backup/restore your packages downloaded via apt-get, aptitude and synaptic. APTonCD also is the best choice to download an entire repository and/or specific section of selected mirror, by an pretty GUI.

A manual with detailed instructions can be found in the help menu of APTonCD.


APTonCD accept the following command-line call methods:

Starts aptoncd listing the packages in FILE
Uses PATH as apt cache dir (instead of /var/cache/apt/archives
Uses PATH as temporary directory for copying files and mounting images


APTonCD is developed by Rafael Proenca <> and Laudeci Oliveira <>, with some contributors that can be found on the project page.

All development is done at

This manual page was written by Rafael Proenca <>.


Copyright (C) 2007 Rafael Proenca

There is NO warranty. You may redistribute this software under the terms of the GNU General Public License. For more information about these matters, see the files named copyright.

Aug 15th, 2007