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ns_lctl(3aolserver) AOLserver Built-In Commands ns_lctl(3aolserver)


ns_for, ns_foreach, ns_while, ns_lctl - Replacements for standard Tcl loop commands which enable monitoring and control


ns_for start test next body
ns_foreach varname list body
ns_foreach varlist1 list1 ?varlist2 list2 ...? body
ns_while test body
ns_lctl cancel id
ns_lctl eval id script
ns_lctl info id
ns_lctl install command
ns_lctl list
ns_lctl pause id
ns_lctl result id


The ns_for, ns_foreach, and ns_while commands are replacements for cooresponding Tcl commands with the additional capability of monitoring and control through the ns_lctl command.

See the for(n) man page for usage.
See the foreach(n) man page for usage.
See the foreach(n) man page for usage.
See the while(n) man page for usage.
Mark the given loop to cancel at the next iteration, resulting in the loop returning with TCL_ERROR.


for(n), foreach(n), while(n)


threads, iteration, list, looping, cancel

4.5 AOLserver