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ns_at(3aolserver) AOLserver Built-In Commands ns_at(3aolserver)


ns_atclose, ns_atexit, ns_atshutdown, ns_atsignal - Facilities to register a script callback.


ns_atclose script
ns_atexit script
ns_atshutdown script
ns_atsignal script


These commands register a callback to execute a later time. The callbacks are executed once in the context of the current Tcl interpreter.

Invoke given script when the current connection is closed. The callback can be registered within the Tcl interpreter associated with the current HTTP connection; if no connection exists, and error is returned.
Invoke given script before the AOLserver exists after all virtual servers have stopped.
Invoke given script when the current virtual server is shutdown during AOLserver exit.
Invoke given script when a SIGHUP signal is received in the main startup thread of the AOLserver.


ns_shutdown(n), ns_kill(n)


shutdown, callback

4.0 AOLserver