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Ns_ConnReturnFile(3aolserver) AOLserver Library Procedures Ns_ConnReturnFile(3aolserver)


Ns_ConnReturnFile - Return a file as a complete response


#include "ns.h"

Ns_ConnReturnFile(conn, status, type, file)


Ns_Conn conn (in)
Pointer to open connection.
char *file (in)
Pointer to filename string.
int status (in)
HTTP status code.
char *type (in)
Pointer to mimetype string.


This routine is used to generate complete responses, including the HTTP status code specified by the status argument and appropriate headers followed by the contents of the file specified with the file argument. This routine utilizes the underlying builtin file-server code (aka, "fastpath"). As such, it shares the fastpath capabilities to automatically cache pre-read or memory mapped copies of the files and can safely support multiple, simultaneous responses. The following headers are included in the output:

Constructed based on the modification time of the given file.

Constructed based on the size of the give file.

Constructed with the given type argument. If type is NULL, the type will be determined based on the filename using the Ns_GetMimeType routine


Ns_ConnFlush(3), Ns_ConnReturnOpenFd(3), Ns_GetMimeType(3)


connnection, response

4.0 AOLserver