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Ns_ConnReturnData(3aolserver) AOLserver Library Procedures Ns_ConnReturnData(3aolserver)


Ns_ConnReturnAdminNotice, Ns_ConnReturnData, Ns_ConnReturnHtml, Ns_ConnReturnNotice - Routines to generate simple single-buffer responses


#include "ns.h"
Ns_ConnReturnAdminNotice(conn, status, title, msg)

Ns_ConnReturnData(conn, status, data, len, type)

Ns_ConnReturnCharData(conn, status, data, len, type)

Ns_ConnReturnHtml(conn, status, msg, len)

Ns_ConnReturnNotice(conn, status, title, msg)


Ns_Conn conn (in)
Pointer to open connection.
int status (in)
HTTP response status code.
char *type (in)
Output content type.
char *title (in)
Pointer to HTML page title string.
int len (in)
Length of content buffer.
char *data (in)
Pointer to content buffer.
char *msg (in)
Pointer to HTML message buffer.


These routines are used to generate complete responses, including headers, status codes, content types, and the requested data. They all return a status code which is NS_OK if the response was sent or NS_ERROR if an underlying call to sent the content failed.

This routine is equivalent to Ns_ConnReturnNotice. In prior versions, it would format a slightly different response which was later considered inconsequential.

Generates a reponse with the given HTTP status including a content-type header with the given type. Content pointed to by the data argument of length len is then sent without any modification via an underlying call to Ns_ConnFlushDirect.

Generates a response as with Ns_ConnReturnData except that the given content pointed to by data is assumed to be a text stream which is output encoded using the appropriate Tcl_Encoding based on the given type mimetype and possibly gzip compressed via an underlying call to Ns_ConnFlush.

This is equivalent to Ns_ConnReturnCharData(conn, status, msg, len, "text/html").

Constructs a basic HTML response and sends it via Ns_ConnReturnHtml. The title string is placed both in the <head> portion as well as an <h2> tag in the <body> portion of the document. If the title is NULL, it defaults to the string "Server Message". The msg string, if not NULL, follows the body and is copied unaltered. This routine is useful for generating very basic responses. For example, it is used by the various builtin reponse routines such as Ns_ConnReturnUnauthorized.


Ns_ConnFlush(3), Ns_ConnReturnFile, Ns_ConnReturnOpenFd, Ns_ConnReturnUnathorized.


connnection, encoding, response

4.0 AOLserver