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Ns_Config(3aolserver) AOLserver Library Procedures Ns_Config(3aolserver)


Ns_ConfigGetBool, Ns_ConfigGetInt, Ns_ConfigGetInt64, Ns_ConfigGetPath, Ns_ConfigGetSection, Ns_ConfigGetSections, Ns_ConfigGetValue,
Ns_ConfigGetValueExact - Extract information from the server configuration files


#include "ns.h"

Ns_ConfigGetBool(char *section, char *key, int *valuePtr)

Ns_ConfigGetInt(char *section, char *key, int *valuePtr)

Ns_ConfigGetInt64(char *section, char *key, INT64 *valuePtr)

char *
Ns_ConfigGetPath(char *server, char *module, ...)

Ns_Set *
Ns_ConfigGetSection(char *section)

Ns_Set **

char *
Ns_ConfigGetValue(char *section, char *key)

char *
Ns_ConfigGetValueExact(char *section, char *key)


These functions allow you to extract information from the server config files.

Examines key in section and returns NS_TRUE for values 1, y, yes, on, t, or true, case insensitive, and sets valuePtr to 1. Returns NS_FALSE for values 0, n, no, off, f, false, case insensitive, and sets valuePtr to 0.

Examines key in section and attempts to convert to an integer value. On success, returns NS_TRUE, otherwise NS_FALSE. The value of the integer is placed into valuePtr.

Like Ns_ConfigGetInt, but with INT64 data instead of system-native int types. This function isn't available on WIN32.

Get the full name of a config file section if it exists. Returns a pointer to to an ASCIIZ string of the full path name, or NULL if that path is not in the config file. The server and/or module parameters may be NULL and must be followed a variable list of additional parameters, the last element of which must be NULL.

Ns_ConfigGetPath("server1", "nscp", NULL)
 returns "ns/server/server1/module/nscp"
Ns_ConfigGetPath("server1", "nscp", "users", NULL)
 returns "ns/server/server1/module/nscp/users"
Ns_ConfigGetPath(NULL, "globalmod", "subsect1", "subsect2", NULL)
 returns "ns/module/globalmod/subsect1/subsect2"

Returns an Ns_Set of the section's parameters, or NULL if the section does not exist.

Returns a pointer to an array of pointers to Ns_Sets, one for each config section. The result is a malloc'ed copy of the config sections.

Returns a pointer to the value of the key in section, or NULL if the key doesn't exist.

Case sensitive equivalent of Ns_ConfigGetValue.


nsd(1), info(n)


4.0 AOLserver