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AICCU - Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Configuration Utility


aiccu <start|stop|tunnels|test|autotest|license> [ config ]


AICCU makes it very easy for anybody to get IPv6 connectivity everywhere they want. It uses the TIC (Tunnel Information & Control) protocol to request the information needed to setup a tunnel through which the connectivity is created. AICCU supports the following tunneling protocols: - 6in4 static (RFC 2893) - 6in4 heartbeat (RFC 2893 + draft-massar-v6ops-heartbeat) - tinc ( - AYIYA (draft-massar-v6ops-ayiya) As AYIYA even works from behind NAT's, thus unless there is a very restrictive firewall in place, anybody should be able to get IPv6 connectivity without problems and everywhere they want.


Starts aiccu service.
Stops aiccu service.
Prints a list of currently available tunnels.
Builds the connection and runs a simple selftest allowing a user to report this back as it should show most obvious problems.
Same as test but without interactive questions. Piping the output of "aiccu autotest" into a log file or "tee" is a good idea.
Shows the license aiccu is released under.
Read the configuration from config file.


The AICCU page <URL:> at sixxs.


AICCU was written by Jeroen Massar with contributions supplied a number of people as mentioned in the Changelog.

18 April 2005